Lobby School Online: Advocacy Training “On-Demand”

The Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs

Now you have on-demand access to the Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs, a proven methodology for effective lobbying that has helped thousands of government affairs advocates who have read my book, heard me speak, or attended my seminars.

Learn the Campaign Method without leaving your desk to gain a competitive advantage:

  • Course videos are available online 24/7
  • Personally taught by Bob Guyer
  • Certification available upon completion

A personal note:

“For years advocates wanting to do their jobs better have requested an online version of my seminars and workshops. I am proud to be able to offer over the web this one-of-a-kind organized approach for working more successfully with state government.

These are the same courses that for 14 years I have taught to industry, labor, government, professional associations, public interest groups – conservative and liberal, and to those wanting a credential to help them break into or advance in the lobbying field.

Even experienced lobbyists can do better using my flowcharts, checklists, techniques, and planning tools.

“While I am a lobbying veteran, the workshop and book provided me with a fresh perspective on advocacy. Mr. Guyer’s clear structure and methodology for an effective lobbying campaign added to my own effectiveness with the legislature contributing to me being ranked one of the five best lobbyists in the state of Florida.”
Desinda Wood Carper
Senior Legislative Advocate (former)
Florida League of Cities

Advocates regularly tell me how successful they have been using my methodology. For example, association executive Dr. Susan Lockwood wrote in to say:

‘The Campaign Method of Lobbying took us from PITIFUL towards POWERFUL in just 3 years!’
Read Susan’s story here.

Using this step-by-step training program, I will serve as your coach and help you to develop the skills needed to compete better in our regulatory world.”

About the Courses

Agencies promulgate 15 pages of administrative law to implement each page of legislative law. And so the Campaign Method consists of 2 complimentary tracks, Legislative Lobbying and Agency Lobbying.

Two powerful supplemental courses critical to both legislative and agency lobbying success are also available. These courses are always taught as part of my in-person seminars. The course Legislative Negotiation teaches you how better to negotiate with those who will impact your lobbying effort, especially competing interest groups. The course Contract Lobbyists makes you more effective in finding, hiring, evaluating, and working with lobbyists.

Get all four video courses in the Campaign Method Bundle priced at just $400. Each of the four courses can also be purchased separately.

The Campaign Method – Course Overview

Track 1: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures

  • Foundational keys to success
  • Forging the right relationships
  • Building grass-roots power
  • Powerful motivational tools for lawmakers
  • Run time is 3 hours 57 minutes

Track 2: How to Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies

  • How agencies really work and how to work them
  • Getting the right rule to make legislation into your day-to-day reality
  • Undoing unfavorable agency rules
  • Run time is 2 hours 15 minutes

Supplemental Course: Legislative Negotiation

  • Becoming the right negotiator
  • Structuring negotiations to produce more
  • Negotiating tricks and how to counter them
  • Run time is 41 minutes

Supplemental Course: Contract Lobbyists

  • Finding the contract lobbyist right for you
  • Negotiating your lobbyist’s fees
  • Evaluating your lobbyist’s job performance
  • Run time is 31 minutes

The Campaign Method Bundle is $400 and includes:

lobbyist school guarantee

  • On demand access for 30 days to all four Campaign Method training videos
  • 194-page workbook
  • Lobby School professional certification

501(c)(3) Charity Discount – 501(c)(3), IRC charities providing us with a US Treasury Internal Revenue Service Letter of Determination of 501(c)(3) status receive a 20% refund off registration fees. Once your Letter of Determination has been received and verified your refund will be processed immediately.

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