Pitiful to Powerful

As the 2006 Alabama Legislative Session opened, the Chairman of the Senate Education Finance & Taxation Committee addressed all of Alabama’s school superintendents. During the Q & A, a superintendent asked what else our association could do to better impact the legislative process.

Senator Hank Sanders replied, “You are doing everything right. Your staff works hard and represents you very well and your lobbyists are well known. Superintendents are talking and meeting with their legislators and legislators want to know what superintendents think. I believe you will see your priorities in the budget that comes out this year because you have a lot of influence. You used to be PITIFUL, but now you are doing everything right.”
Senator Sander’s words affirmed the transformation we have made as an organization. Just three short years ago I was hired as the first full-time executive director and began over the next year and a half to add a few staff members and we worked to improve all aspects of our association. I remember in my first weeks the State Superintendent advised me, “Now Susan, don’t think you can do too much—these superintendents never agree on anything. It’s like herding cats!” With that warning I searched to learn more about the legislative process. After all, I had been hired to improve our efforts and gain influence in Montgomery.

I read “How to Effectively Lobby Your State Legislature” by Bob Guyer. I then went online and registered for Bob’s training.

Then I set out to organize our members, establish effective communication, bought every member a copy of this book on how to successfully lobby and hired Bob Guyer to train our superintendents in the Campaign Method of Lobbying.

The Campaign Method of Lobbying took us from PITIFUL towards POWERFUL in just 3 years!

I believe Bob Guyer’s Campaign Method can work for any organization serious about impacting the legislative process. It made a real difference for me in developing a successful game plan for our association.

Dr. Susan Lockwood, Executive Director (former)
School Superintendents of Alabama

The Campaign Method Online Course price is $400 and includes:

  • On-demand access for 60 days to all four Campaign Method videos
  • 194 page workbook
  • Lobby School professional certification


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